meet allison bornstein

the Brooklyn-based stylist who believes fashion is wellness.

meet Allison

How do you make your health a priority?

I was never really into exercising, but during COVID, I started doing 30-minute virtual training sessions. I don’t think it’s done anything dramatic in terms of how my body looks, but I can lift a lot more weight. I do it 3 or 4 days a week, so I have an appointment that I can’t break. I always kind of resented people that like working out. But now, when I go on vacation, my fiance will ask if I plan to do my workout and I always do.

“Also, for me, fashion is a big part of wellness.”

It’s more about making myself a priority and getting dressed in the morning and wearing things that I like. I can easily sit in my pajamas or workout clothes, but it won’t make me feel as good.

I have panic attacks and something that helps is to have Xanax on me just in case. I hardly ever take it, but I keep it in my purse at all times and when I feel anxious, if I just touch the pill case that the Xanax is in, it makes me feel calmer. So if I feel really out of control, I know I have something that I can take.

Allison Bornstein's photo of her medicine and supplements in a ceramic case.

Is there anything you hide or tuck away because of the stigma surrounding it?

Every night I take 3 to 4 of these Intestinal Movement Formula supplements. As someone who has struggled with constipation my whole life, without fail, almost every single morning, I go to the bathroom now.

It’s kind of embarrassing to have something sitting out on your dresser that says Intestinal Movement Formula, so I dump them out and put them in a ceramic box.

Allison Bornstein's third ritual photo - of her dog.

What grounds you?

I remember when I got my dog Dereon in my early 20’s and it was so nice to come home and have someone that needed me. He’s so calming. A lot of times, when I’m anxious, it helps me to put my feet on the floor. It feels the same when holding Dee Wee. That weight really helps me.

Every night Dee Wee sleeps in his own bed and then around 4 am he begs and claws until one of us brings him up. Then he sleeps in bed and when my fiance and I get up to start our day, he likes being left alone. So I’m already showered, ready, and he’s still in bed. He’s so small, but he’ll push pillows with his face and then he’ll move the covers with his paw. It’s a real process, but he knows how to get really comfortable.

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