meet brittany cyk

the New York city-based stylist and abstract artist, who believes being on prescription medication is normal.

Brittany Cyk

How do you make your health a priority?

I prioritize fitness. I try to workout 5 to 7 times a week because it makes me feel good, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. I run when it’s not too hot, I hike, and I do Sculpt Society by Megan Roup, which is a combination of dance cardio, Pilates, and barre. It makes me feel less stressed and lighter. Sometimes I workout in the morning so I can start my day off with more energy and sometimes I workout after work to destress.

“It makes me feel good physically, which makes me feel good mentally.”

Also, instead of watching TV before bed, I try to read for at least 20 minutes, which is mostly fiction. It helps me to wind down and fall asleep faster.

Brittany Cyk Medication

How does prescription medication influence your day-to-day?

I take 3 prescription medications, Concerta, Spironolactone, and Lexapro, which are all hidden in my drawer. I no longer feel ashamed, but I was definitely embarrassed by Lexapro for a long time because people have opinions when you say you’re on an antidepressant and they assume that you’re very depressed. For me, it’s genetic.

“I wouldn’t say I’m depressed, but I’ve been on Lexapro for so long that I’m scared to get off it.”

No one ever has any idea that I’m on Lexapro because most people say I’m so positive. But I think it’s helpful to other people when they’re thinking about getting on an antidepressant and they know that it’s part of my daily routine.

In terms of Concerta, I never cared about taking it when I was first prescribed because everyone was on ADD medication in college. As an adult, I am a little bit more embarrassed to say that I take it. I guess I feel that not as many people are on it, but of course, that’s just an assumption.

Spironolactone, on the other hand, helps to clear up my skin. Overtime, I’ve tried to lower my dose, then I notice that my skin starts to break out, and I panic and up it again. It definitely keeps my hormonal acne under control and makes me more confident in my skin and reassures me that my complexion is going to be okay versus breaking out any second.

Brittany Cyk painting

What else do you do for your mental wellness?

Painting has always been like therapy for me. I never really wanted to go to therapy (I did for years), but I could never fully open up.

Art is something that makes me feel calm. Whether it’s painting or drawing on my iPad, I try to do a little bit everyday. It makes me feel productive, calms me down, and takes me away from the workday because it’s so different from what I do daily.

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