meet carson meyer

The Los Angeles-based birth doula and skincare founder of C & The Moon, who believes in advocating for overall health, mental health, and environmental health.

meet carson meyer

How do you make your health a priority?

I try and meditate every day. I eat really clean and I feel really fortunate to invest in and seek out people who can help guide me in my healing journey.

This photo is of my new puppy, Paulie, and I. I always think, what did we do? What did we talk about? What did we think about? What was love before we met him? He has brought us so much joy and has gotten us outside, even more and helped build such beautiful rituals into our day. I feel so fortunate to live where I live. This year, I noticed just how strongly my mental health was influenced, in a good way, through my ability to be outside and connect and be in nature. For me, mentally, it’s a game-changer.

carson meyer bath
carson meyer tea

What are some rituals for you that are most healing?

This my herb collection. It started as herbs that I used in a postpartum healing blend for my clients. This year, I started making a Sun Tea with chamomile, nettle, and rose. An Ayurvedic practitioner friend of mine recommended it for my eczema, which really impacted my mental health, and it has helped so much. I also love that you can let the sun heat it and steep it and then you can steep it a second time with boiling water.

“The bath is my number one go-to.”

 It’s where I go straight after a birth. I use salts in the bath to cleanse and clear my energy. I know I take on a lot in my work. @candthemoon is a part of that ritual, too, scrubbing away whatever I might be holding onto.

carson meyer hammock

How do you handle stress?

Sauna-ing is definitely one of my self-care tools. I recently got my heavy metal levels tested and found that I had really high lead levels, so I’ve been sauna-ing even more than ever to help my body detox. I’m so conscious about health and passionate environmental health that it consumed me when I found that out. My life’s work and purpose are limiting exposure and advocating for a cleaner planet so it’s frustrating when you are reminded that no matter how healthy you are as an individual there are so many factors you can’t control . I’m a very goal-oriented person. So my reaction is to make it better and try to reduce it. The mental health aspect for me is not blaming myself and not running away from the work just because it’s scary.

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