meet christine bullock

The Los Angeles-based founder of Kayo Body Care and fitness trainer, who believes small moments for yourself are vital to your sanity.

Christine Bullock

How do you make your health a priority?

My husband says happy wife, happy life, but he understands that I need fitness because it helps with my mental health. He will always say I will take the kids, go do your workout. He helps me make that space for myself and I will help make that space for him too.

My workouts aren’t rigid. Mine are creative movements. It’s dance, it’s opening up pathways. It is my mental health. Depression runs in my family. My grandmother was bipolar. My degree was in behavioral psychology. The fertility things that I’ve been through, the hormonal injections, I’ve been able to share all the ups and downs. I understand what that feels like. So the biggest thing for me is always coming back to say, what is it that I need?

Christine Bullock Baby

How do you manage your anxiety?

It was about 10 years ago now when we started the fertility process. There were so many ups and downs. If you’re going through the actual injections, IVF, IUI, it makes it even harder because you now have this hormonal disconnection within you that increases depression and thoughts. I know how to control my thoughts and I’m the most positive person I always say to a fault. I cannot give up on something. And sometimes, I wish I could.

“When you have that hormonal disconnection, it’s something that needs focus.”

Visualize whatever it is you want. I would visualize my children and it truly worked out. We adopted my first child, which we always planned to do. Then Poppy, who is our birth child, is the easiest, happiest baby. The word that she repeats all day is happy. Your fertility journey may not be from the path that you’re thinking. But keep your head up and your blessings will be double-fold from the hardships that you go through. Both my daughters are examples of that. 

Christine Bullock Bath
Christine Bullock Bed

What grounds you?

Being in the bath is one of my top rituals that I have that creates peace of mind and immediately relaxes my body. Whether it’s the shower, the bath, any hot water. I love heat. It’s not always about having a 30 minute bath. Sometimes it’s a 5 minute bath with a couple sea salts and CBD. It’s about taking those small moments for yourself and that’s vital for my sanity.

I’ve had this pillow probably for eight years. It’s supposed to treat your wrinkles, but I use it for my neck and I can not sleep on any other pillow. I sleep a lot better. I wake up better. I used to wake up at 12 or 2am and I’d be up for one to two hours. And it was because my hormones were so fried from PCOS. 12 and 2am are actually vital for women to repair your hormones. I couldn’t get pregnant for a long time, almost eight years, and I really believe that sleep helped. We run so hard in our day and don’t realize how many times we’re in fight or flight. It affects your cortisol, so we need to be getting 7 hours of sleep. 

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