meet gilly chan

the New York City-based model and mental health activist who believes in setting boundaries and putting her mental health first.

Meet Gilly Chan

How do you make your health a priority?

I take an antidepressant and it’s greatly helped me. But there’s a lot of stigma within the spiritual world of healing with prescription medications and I’ve been shamed by people who claim to be spiritual gurus. I’ve noticed there’s a lot of spiritual elitism. The notion that my spirituality is correct, and if you don’t subscribe to it, then you’re lesser than. But there was a couple of months during the pandemic where I physically couldn’t get up and my antidepressant has helped me live a more normal life.

Gilly Chan Bathtub

What helps to manage your stress?

I have anxiety, so sensory things are really important to me, especially baths, because there’s something about sitting in a bathtub that really is good if you have sensory overload. It kind of resets your body. I meditate in the bath, I light candles and incense, and I’ll even do tarot cards, so it’s a very spiritual, relaxing place for me.

“Because of quarantine, I’ve been very sedentary, a lot of sitting, not a lot of moving.”

I became very weak. I used to be an athlete, so this was very weird feeling for me. I started seeing a trainer once a month to help me get into a routine and I’m starting to feel like my brain is clearer and stronger.

Gilly Chan Sound Bowl

What keeps you grounded?

I got a Tibetan singing bowl a couple of months ago after a friend, who is a spiritual advisor, taught me about sound therapy. It’s a super cool aspect, and how if you send sound waves, it goes through every part of your body. I’m learning how to make the vibrations. It’s a grounding tool, so the sound vibrations are very meditative.

The crystals were given to me by close friends. I’m not huge into crystals, but it’s something that reminds me of my support network.

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