meet glenn ellis

The Los Angeles-based hairstylist who believes people need to work on their mental health and show up for themselves.

Meet Glenn Ellis

How do you make your health a priority?

I make my health a priority by waking up an hour and a half before I have to be anywhere or before I have to do anything. I try not to be on my phone as much as possible, writing in my journal, doing meditation, foam rolling, stretching, taking a shower, listening to silly music like Paramore or Tegan and Sara. Silly stuff that makes me feel good and nostalgic.

I have therapy every Thursday and although this isn’t realistic, I wish that I left therapy every single time feeling better versus thinking, ‘What the fuck did I do?’ But through therapy, I’ve learned that it’s about not judging myself and the things that I feel guilty of and carrying on that guilt after the session.

Glenn Ellis - Journal

What has had a major impact on your life in the last year?

I took The Hoffman Process back in March to work on personal stuff. I felt like I had a block in my life where I could not move forward, as well as certain patterns from my parents from early childhood. How Hoffmann works is that I have to look at my life and the patterns that I developed from my parents or patterns I developed in rebellion of them. One of the biggest things that I learned that I had was a sense of abandonment and that came from a young age. When I was five years old, my mom dropped me off at kindergarten and I remember I had no idea where I was going.

“That was my first memory of feeling abandoned and I never realized how that feeling carried on into my adult life.”

Another thing that I learned was to not just forgive other people, but the most important thing is to forgive myself. A lot of people base their decisions on the past and also the shame of the past. I was basing decisions off of my past in the current present, not noticing that it was affecting who I wanted to be in the future.

Glenn Ellis Workout

How do you stay grounded and treat your mental health each week?

Working out is one of the biggest things that has saved my life. It feels like I’m able to focus on myself, my physical strength, and also my mental stability and work out any pent-up aggression that I have in my body or any energy that I need to let go of. Because I’m a hairstylist, I’m easily able to absorb other people’s energy. I’m able to feel empathy for other people’s struggles, but not able to deflect and show compassion and be like, I’m so sorry you’re going through that. It affects me because I’m a feeler. But one of the things that I also need to learn is protecting my heart.

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