meet jayme cyk

a Los Angeles based beauty brand consultant, contributing beauty editor, and co-founder of and repeat.

Jayme Cyk, founder and repeat

How do you make your health a priority?

Lately, during quarantine, I’ve been taking care of my body differently pre-and post-shower. Showertime is functional for me. I don’t really have the patience. The past couple of months, though, I’ve been dry brushing pre-shower to improve circulation and energize my body. After I shower, I use this lymphatic drainage tool by a brand called De La Heart to drain and remove toxins. Honestly, I have no idea if it’s doing anything, but I feel less puffy and in some ways, I feel proud of taking my routine a step further and treating my body like I do my face. 

“Also, cuddling with my pup Kanushi is important for my health.”

I’ve always been a dog person, but never had one growing up. I regularly tell my mom she wouldn’t have had to pay so much for therapy if she had just given in. Kanushi surprises me every day. He has quite the personality. He knows what he wants, tells us when he wants it, and is a fast learner. He’s also the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet and I’ve never loved anything as much as I love Kanushi. Okay, fine, @benrabb and Kanushi are tied.

Co-founder Jayme Cyk's second ritual photo for and repeat. Photo of her medication.

How does prescription medication and supplements affect your day-to-day?

Every morning I take my prescription medication and supplements. I take an antidepressant called Viibryd, a skin supplement called DIM, a thyroid support supplement, and a probiotic from Pure Encapsulations. It took me a really long time to feel comfortable with taking my antidepressant. Like, a REALLY long time. 

When I was 9-years-old, my parents took me to a psychiatrist who put me on Prozac for depression and anxiety. I didn’t understand why and deemed my medication unnecessary. I took it inconsistently for almost 10 years. Let’s just say antidepressants and inconsistency don’t mesh. I finally decided to take them daily at 18 and I realized the impact it had on my day-to-day. 

I believe in taking what makes you feel good. I’ve gotten off prescription medication in the past few years, such as ADD medication called Concerta and Spironolactone for my skin. Both of which I was on for over 10 years. I started taking supplements to supplement for those meds and although I’ve made a very robust switch, I am more than happy to stay on my antidepressant. Because for me, it’s all about balance.

Co-founder Jayme Cyk's second ritaul photo for and repeat. Photo of her working out.

What is one of the most important hobbies or modalities you put first when it comes to your mental health?

I realize this is a privilege, but I prioritize working out for my health mentally and physically. I’ve had major body dysmorphia since age 8 and doing pilates by amanda, dance cardio (I’m a fan of anna kaiser, 305, and forward space), or some form of physical activity is essential for me.

“I feel a lot of shame around the food I eat, even if it’s healthy, so working out helps to balance that.”

I now workout 5 to 6 times a week and I carry around a lot of guilt if I skip a day or eat something that doesn’t align with my so-called “goals.” I’m a very aware person. I’m aware this isn’t how I should feel. I’m aware I’m too hard on myself. And I’m aware what I see in the mirror isn’t accurate. But none of that matters until I feel good about my body, which sadly hardly happens. That said, I’m always working on myself and hoping that one day I will feel good enough.

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