meet katie becker

The NYC-based beauty consultant and contributing beauty editor who is a big believer in therapy.

Katie Becker

How do you make your health a priority?

I’m a big believer in therapy. So is my partner, Bob. Both separately and sometimes together. You need somebody who is outside of your own mental spiral to play referee and keep you in reality.

I’m leaving my job and that has to do with my mental health. Not so much about what I’m leaving, but about what I’m headed towards. There is another chapter for me that’s going to be more fulfilling. It’s a big leap. And so what I’ve had to do is gather my crew. I have a career coach that I work with, I have my regular therapist, who I have been going to for a long time, and I’ve got Bob, my partner. It took a lot of time and thought and journaling on thinking about what my mission is in this world and what is going to make me feel good.

Katie Becker Gummies
Katie Becker taking gummies

How does sleep play a role in your mental health?

When I don’t sleep well, I am a spiraling disaster. It’s really hard to do anything, be positive, productive, or pleasant to be around. My set up for going to sleep is as if I’m going to outer space. We use an Eight Sleep mattress. It has thin veins of water that run through the top of it. So it can change the temperature of the mattress on its own.

“I sleep really hot and I sleep so much better on this.”

I also have a new gadget called The Wave. It sits on the inside of your wrist and it either cools or heats and it gives you colder waves to help cool down your body. I’ve tried a lot of different sleep supplements and these Natural Vitality Calm Sleep gummies really work and make me feel better going to sleep. If I were going to do my full get ready for bed, wind down, I get in the bath with Pursoma bath salts, have my golden milk, which is a turmeric tea. I add oat milk or regular milk and it’s my yummy bedtime, chill treat. It’s very soothing.

Katie Becker Water Bottle

What’s a ritual that is important to your day-to-day?

Being in the bath It’s become such a cliche, but drinking out of this water bottle with a straw and the timestamp helps with my hydration. Plus, you don’t want someone walking by and seeing that it’s 3:00 PM and you are only at 11 AM. There’s a shame factor to it. Staying hydrated really helps with my body heat and mental clarity. I feel an ease when I’m hydrated, a little more fresh and awake. As a beauty editor, when I’m interviewing a celebrity and they say their secret is drinking water, I honestly find it so boring. That’s not your secret—it’s that you can afford a personal trainer and a cook! But, that said, water is extremely helpful to thinking clearly and I get so in my head that I forget to hydrate. So this is my only way to make sure it happens.

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