meet margaux susi

The LA-based actor and director, who believes Lexapro is a miracle drug.

Margaux Susi

How do you make your health a priority?

I try to work out at least four days a week. I was a dancer growing up, so I struggled with disordered eating. It’s something I’ve worked hard to overcome, but even as an adult, if I ever catch myself having a “bad body day” or if I’m body checking myself, then I go do something that I love or call a friend.

“I also love baths and I try to take one at least once a week.”

 I make the bath a no-tech zone. I light a ton of candles and read. It brings me back to center and forces me to slow down. The water does something to me. It’s complete surrender. It’s also a good reminder that we all deserve a little pampering. You don’t need to have a huge win to take a moment to indulge yourself.

One of the things I recently did that’s been great for my mental health is unfollowing a lot of people on Instagram who I don’t know personally if their images make me feel less than. I’m 5’10 and I’m curvy and I love that. I started following more women that look like me. It sounds so simple, but it was quite profound. We are digesting so much information and so many images on social media. I decided to curate mine more to make me feel good.

What does meditation and maintaining your energy look like for you?

So, I’m pretty witchy, and for me, meditation is directly linked to my spiritual self. These candles all hold different intentions. I light them when I’m meditating on something particular, and surrender — even if it’s only for five minutes. I have candles all over my house and they also serve as a reminder to meditate that day if I haven’t already.

Also, I’m very sensitive to energy and I can tell when mine is off or if I’m not operating from my authentic self. This tray holds candles and crystals, which are specific to themes. As I light the candle and meditate with the same intention over and over again, I infuse those crystals with that intention. Once that candle’s done burning, my crystals will contain the intentions of a month’s worth of meditations. It’s pretty powerful.

What are a few things you do daily that affect your mental health in a positive way?

I love having pretty little things on my vanity. Like perfume. It makes me feel feminine. I’ve been wearing the same fragrance, Lancome Midnight Rose, probably for 10 years now. My fragrances are right next to my medicine. I take birth control and my antidepressant every night.

The antidepressant was a quarantine addition and it has changed my life in the most unbelievable, beautiful way. I remember talking to my parents a few years ago and asking if depression ran in our family. They said no, but recommended I try therapy. So I started going to therapy and that alone was a game-changer. Everybody should be in therapy.

I’ve been going consistently now for about four years.

But then the pandemic hit. I was also going through some other personal things when the first shelter in place happened and it became very clear that therapy wasn’t enough. My work, my mind, my body, my soul, it was all being affected. I wasn’t happy and with the guidance of my therapist and my GP, I was prescribed 10 milligrams of Lexapro in early summer. The first few days, I felt completely out of my body. It was an adjustment. But about two weeks later, I was in my kitchen and I was cooking. I had music playing and found myself kind of dancing. I had this moment where I was like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t remember the last time I just danced.’ It was really profound. I think Lexapro is a miracle drug. I feel great and I tell everyone.

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