meet meghan wallace james

the Los Angeles-based holistic interior designer who believes that cleaning is the original energy work.

Meghan Wallace James

How do you make your health a priority?

Cleaning and spending time with my sons. I also walk almost every day and I try to have at least one day a week where I don’t get in the car and I don’t spend any money. For me, it’s a form of reset, of conscious consumerism and an environmental nod.

“Also, I’ve been writing more than I ever have.”

My book has become a diary and I honestly don’t know if it will ever see the light of day… and yet I keep going. I’m working on a capsule of stories from the last five years of the last five homes my sons and I have lived in, clients I’ve worked with during that time, and projects I’ve done around all of these homes. There’s many a pattern revealing themselves through the documentation, and it’s been deeply healing to map it all out and have it live in one place. It’s actually creating the basis of a unique interiors modality that I have been building, both consciously and unconsciously.

Meghan Wallace James Cleaning

What is your go-to coping mechanism?

Cleaning is my deepest catharsis. It’s absolutely my go-to coping mechanism for my mental health. I will blast music and go to town. I drop into what I call a Moving Meditation, where I let myself be guided from one activity to the next and that’s how I connect with my space and thus myself. I talk about it on my membership frequently. My body is lost in movement while my brain is lost in contemplation or cleaning my proverbial house. I know it doesn’t come from the healthiest place, but it’s everything to me… It’s my trauma. It’s my bliss. It’s my control. It’s my preference. And it moves a shitload of energy. My sons will come home from their father’s and ask me: “What’s different this week, mama?” They look forward to my rearranging.

Meghan Wallace James and her sons

What are some of the rituals you have with your sons?

Rogan and Shea are pure joy and we start every morning with a family cuddle. They are now eight and six, so they sleep all night in their own bedroom *most of the time. They have a Yoda alarm clock that wakes them up at 7:15 and then they’ll run down the hall and jump on in.

“We stay in bed until 7:30, 7:45.”

Even if I’m up working or writing, I’ll get back into bed and we’ll have our snuggle. That’s how we check-in and start our day. Then we get up and have hot drinks: I have coffee, Rogan has tea, and Shea likes cocoa. Then most evenings before dinner, we take a family stroll up and down our street, which is a perfect one-mile climb.

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