meet michele ouellet

The Los Angeles-based model and cofounder of Lorenza Rose, who believes when the moment strikes, indulge, get silly, and dance.

Michele Ouellet

How do you make your health a priority?

I’m working on it. I’m lucky to be quite healthy, but in terms of health and mental health, it needs to be a priority of mine. Going to farmer’s markets is a feel-good activity that always puts me in a good mood. Food and cooking and mealtimes are important to me and farmer’s markets are a source of inspiration.

Before COVID, one of my rituals was going to an infrared sauna and chilling out for an hour. When COVID came around, I got one of the blankets and it’s been such a nice little retreat, even within my own home. It’s a mood booster. It’s great during my period when I have cramps or if you’re really sore after a workout to loosen up and relax.

Michele Ouellet Crystals

What keeps you grounded?

Currently, I’m writing in my Oak Journal. It’s about 90-day goals. Every day you start with 3 things you’re grateful for, 3 most important things you’re going to do today, and there’s a little day planner and notes. Also, you’re supposed to do 10 minutes of meditation, 10 minutes of reading, and 10 minutes of journaling every day. It’s a lot, but I’ve never had much routine in my life with modeling, so it’s been nice taking time to check in with myself.

“I have an accountability group too, which has been so helpful to see how everybody has off days. It’s the 3 of us.”

I have my wine business with my mom, so we are always in touch and she’s always been my partner in everything. These ladies are not involved in my business at all. By nature, we don’t like letting people down and having a partner; you’re on the hook to do your pages.

Michele Ouellet RuPaul

How do you unwind when things feel stressful, or anxiety creeps in?

RuPaul is everything. I had heard everybody loves Drag Race and I never had the time to watch shows before. I definitely have made up for that during COVID and I’ve watched every season, all the All-Stars and all the international ones, which is 13 plus seasons. Nothing makes me happier. It’s super entertaining but really heartwarming. The stories of all the contestants are really inspiring, relatable, and fun. We were all going through various feelings when COVID first happened. I felt like I was freaking out all the time and I didn’t know how to deal with this life that’s so unrecognizable. So I would turn on RuPaul and would be fine.

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