meet neada deters

The Los Angeles-based founder of skincare brand LESSE, who believes in ritual, not routine (her brand mantra) and setting a standard of caring for herself.

Meet Neada Deters

How do you make your health a priority?

I eat really well, focusing on locally grown produce and being more intentional about where my food comes from. I want to take pleasure in the things that I do, so I want to eat great produce, but I want to cook a decadent meal out of it.

At LESSE, our tagline is ritual, not routine and packaged in that is our focus to reduce how much you use on your skin for the benefit of your skin, the planet, and your sense of internal wellbeing. When you aren’t applying so many products, you’re able to slow down and take a beat and focus on the care that you’re providing yourself. With my skincare ritual, it’s something that I really can’t miss. It’s so nice to wake up, close the bathroom door, shut out the noise of the world, and have a moment to myself, then circling back to that at the end of the night.

Neada Deters Dog
Neada Deters Reading

What are some of the things you do daily that impacts your mental health?

Alfie, my dog, has been such a positive force, especially working from home and feeling so overwhelmed and having limited boundaries during the pandemic. Animals have such a positive impact on our mental health and often, we underestimate that influence.

“I also try to read to take time away from my screen.”

 I find it uplifting to digest things in smaller amounts, so that photo is of a TS Elliott book. It’s incredible to pick up that book and find a passage that really connects to you in that moment. It’s such a nice way to ground yourself and transport yourself without having to travel anywhere.

Neada Deters Lesse
Neada Deters Supplement

How do you manage your anxiety and stress as an entrepreneur?

Seven or eight years ago, I had a pretty big health scare related to my ovaries, which is obviously very stressful. So I spent many years trying to find a way to manage those health issues. A few years ago, a life-changing thing happened to me where I connected with an amazing herbalist and acupuncturist. Those supplements are custom Chinese herbs that I take in a tea every day. They are for balancing hormones and several specific physical health issues that I want to focus on. In that formula is also some herbs that help to deal with stress management and anxiety and sleep. For me, as a founder, I notice a huge difference when I take those Chinese herbs. It helps me physically feel better, which reduces my stress and makes me feel more grounded. It really does impact my mental health, so I can approach situations in a better way. 

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