Let’s rewind…

22 years ago our co-founder, Jayme Cyk, was put on medication for depression and anxiety.

and repeat co-founder Jayme Cyk as a child.

She didn’t know why,

understandably so, she was only 9. Jayme was embarrassed and took that medication inconsistently for almost 10 years, making for a very anxiety-ridden, depressed teen. Finally, at 19, she decided to take her meds daily and realized shame shouldn’t be a part of the equation. What she thought was a soul-crushing pill became a paramount part of her daily ritual.

So together,

with her co-founder and husband, Ben Rabb, Jayme and Ben decided to start a movement where people you know via Instagram and people you don’t know (also, maybe via Instagram), open the door on health conversations that are commonly spoken about in private. We’re sharing the heavy stuff like addiction, depression, and anxiety and balancing it out with lighter topics like skincare as self-care and fitness. We’re creating space for people to feel comfortable, get a little vulnerable, and share personal experiences.