meet pati dubroff

the talented celebrity makeup artist, who believes the health of your skin reflects the health of your body.

Pati Dubroff

How do you make your health a priority?

I exercise every day. I hike, I do Pilates, and boxing when I can. Boxing is great because it gives me a release when hitting something. If I don’t work out, I feel like shit. I feel sluggish and I don’t sleep as well. So I’ve learned that I have to prioritize it in order to be mentally balanced.

I also think about meditating every day. Some days are better than others. It depends on the news cycle. I wish I could say I turn off my phone, but I don’t and it really affects my mental health because I tend to obsess over the state of the world.

Taking care of my skin is also something I consider just as important as taking care of my health. It is health. The health of my skin, the vibrancy of my skin reflects the health of my body. I know if I’m neglecting it, I see dullness. And everything internally, mentally, and spiritually is all going to dull as well. It’s an excellent reminder that the importance of self-care is self-love.

Pati Dubroff 2

What do you do to self-soothe and calm down?

I was always coloring as a kid.  I didn’t have as fine-tuned colored pencils and coloring books as I do now, but it was something that I always did to help self-soothe and refocus.

During COVID, I picked it up again as a way to A. get off my phone, B. keep inspired and keep color in my life, and C. keep my eye sharp. It brought me back to those self-soothing moments I had as a child and loved so much. Coloring really calms me down, slows me down, and keeps me totally in the moment. I notice if my mind starts wandering while I’m coloring, especially since the books I use are very precise, I start coloring out of the lines.

“I think that’s such a good metaphor for life that if you’re not laser-focused, you start getting sloppy.”

There was a moment when COVID was really stressful and I was coloring everyday. I paused for a bit, but I’m going to bring it back.

Pati Dubroff Pills

How do you keep your immune system and mental health intact?

The supplements here are pretty much, my basic, every single day routine to keep my immune system at its ultimate. I take vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, B complex, and Ayurvedic herbs.

The vitamins and minerals are specifically for my immune system to make sure that my body can fight COVID. I’m also noticing that it’s great for keeping me charged. The supplements definitely affect my mental health. If I have an immune charge, then my day is brighter. If I haven’t been taking them, then everything feels dull again. When the dullness sets in, my mental health is foggy. In terms of the Ayurvedic herbs, I take those to keep the vitality of my hormones and gut balanced.

“Prior to March, I was traveling too much to stay regular with anything.”

So things would just fall off. Now with me being around and being home, the regularity and consistency is 100% there and I notice a difference. My skin is better because of the Vitamin C and  I feel more balanced. I had COVID and luckily, I fought it easily and I think it has to do with preparing my body for it and taking all my supplements and herbs.

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