meet ryan clark

The Los Angeles-based beauty and wellness publicist who believes there’s nothing wrong with a little Xanax when you feel like you need it.

Meet Ryan Clark

How do you make your health a priority?

I try to put an emphasis on my health because if I don’t feel like I’m on my A-game when I go into work, I don’t feel good. So I’ll work out in the morning to clear my mind or go after work to play tennis or do a Pilates class. I also started taking the Seed probiotic and I noticed that it has really helped with my overall anxiety.

I feel the pandemic has definitely brought up more conversations about mental health. We all give each a little bit more grace now. I’m guilty of throwing my energy on to other people in a way that’s not fair. Our personal lives and professional lives should be spaces where people are more open and are talking about these things, so we all understand each other a little bit better.

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How do you manage your anxiety?

I’m a naturally anxious person. When there’s a lot of stress, my anxiety peaks, so I’ll take CBD sometimes in the morning if I’m feeling overwhelmed. I happen to work for Lord Jones and I keep the CBD tincture everywhere. I up the serving size and usually take 3 or 4 droppers. One doesn’t really do anything for me, so I need to up my game to get a sense of calm.

“My Xanax is not necessarily something I’ve openly talked about, but I’ve been prescribed Xanax for most of my life.”

I vibrate up here and I’m one of those people who can take a Xanax at 10am and it doesn’t put me to sleep. It just brings me down. I don’t take it daily, but if I cannot turn off the thoughts in my mind, it’s great that it’s there.

Ryan Clark

What is something in the last year that you’ve done for yourself that’s had a major impact on your life?

I bought a bike in quarantine and honestly, I’ve kind of fallen off the bike trail a little bit now that the world’s opened up, but it was great because I could ride all over and pick up something for lunch. Tennis is also an important part of my life. When I moved here, I didn’t really know anyone. So I found a tennis league and every single person who I met has become a close friend. Tennis was also something I could do during the pandemic because it was automatically socially distanced. Also, I love that tennis is as much of a mental game as it is a physical one.

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