meet sadie newman

New York City and Los Angeles-based model and founder of @innerpiece, who believes in capturing and holding onto the days when you feel really good.

Meet Sadie Newman

How do you make your health a priority?

I have to be active every single day. Louie, my dog, helps with that. I also need to have some sort of interaction with someone that I care about, so I usually speak to my family or a friend on the phone most days.

“I also try to hold onto the good days.”

You know when you feel really good and you’re glowing from the inside out? It’s a time where you walk around and you feel really light. I always feel like I need to capture that and remember the feeling because I get so trapped in my own head. So this photo was one of those days where I was said, “I feel good; take a picture!” When I was younger, I filmed all these random videos of myself saying, “Hey Sadie, today’s the day. Remember that you felt really good.” And I realized I need to hold onto those.

Sadie Newman 2

Who always has your undivided attention and impacts your mental health?

My dog, Louie. I have a habit of putting on music, making him jump up, and grabbing him to dance. A big part of my mental health now relies on him. There are so many days when I have nothing to do because of my job and then I start to spiral. But since getting Louie, I have a reason to get up and keep him alive, basically. And it’s honestly changed the game. I wake up earlier, I’m more active, and I like to put all my focus on him. I know everyone says that about getting an animal, but I didn’t think that I’d be that person. But it’s honestly changed how good I feel inside.

Sadie Newman 3

What are some of the most important aspects of your daily routine?

Whenever I get stressed out or overwhelmed, I pull out whatever book I have on me. It makes me feel good to zone in on something.

My medication is also important. Two years ago, I started having the craziest insomnia, so I was prescribed Trazodone, which is an antidepressant. I’ve been on the same dose for the past two years and I don’t think it’s doing anything anymore, but the act of taking it before bed helps me fall asleep. Since living in California, I’ve been trying to get off Trazadone because I’d much rather smoke my weed pen. It doesn’t make me feel high. It just makes me feel like a leveled out human.

In the evening, my earplugs are essential. Again, they feel like the same process as the Trazadone. It’s the ritual of it. I need all these things for my mental health, like the chocolate, the earplugs, the medicine, it’s all these little comforts.

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