meet sophie carbonari

The Paris-based aesthetician, who believes facial massage isn’t cosmetic or necessarily beauty; it’s self-care.

Meet Sophie Carbonari

How do you make your health a priority?

Meditation is really important to me. I have a healer in South London and I have a call with her every month to help with my energy and overall balance. My meditation is done nightly when I turn off my lights. I try to relieve any tension from the day and repeat in my mind a mantra, like, “I’m in the right place at the right moment,” or “Don’t doubt yourself.”

“I also make my health a priority by taking time for myself.”

I’m a social animal, but I love not being on my phone in my home, doing nothing. I’ll take a warm shower, read, or watch a movie. This allows me to reconnect with myself.

And I can’t forget about facial massage, which I do every morning and evening. When I apply my moisturizer or exfoliate, it helps me mentally. It’s not just about giving myself a facial; it cleanses me from the inside out. After I do my full routine on my face and body, I feel refreshed and my mind feels clear. That’s really my approach to skin–it’s not just beauty, it’s self-care.

How do you maintain your energy and treat your endometriosis?

Everyday I take codfish oil and a natural collagen by Solgar for my skin. I also take iron and zinc. Taking these supplements truly affects my mental health as they give me an energy boost. Also, I suffer from Endometriosis and it’s complicated to find treatment, so I prefer to heal it naturally and it’s much less painful than before.

That said, it’s not easy to get diagnosed with Endometriosis here in France. I’ve suffered from Endometriosis since I was a teenager—I had really bad cramps, I couldn’t work or focus at school, and sometimes the pain was so bad I couldn’t even walk. When I was younger, people didn’t even talk about Endometriosis. No one wanted to say, you’re a woman; you have to deal with it. But in 2017, my gynecologist told me I have Endometriosis and I felt a sort of relief knowing exactly what it was.

Now, I’m much more kind to myself. During my period, for instance, I don’t drink alcohol because it makes the pain worse. I can’t be vegan as I need to eat meat to maintain protein in my diet. I know myself better now and the diagnosis was the key.

Sophie Carbonari Morning

How does your AM ritual impact your mental health?

When I have my breakfast, I sit down in front of my window in Paris and prepare my food. During that time, I write down everything that I have to do that day. It’s relaxing for me. If I don’t make that list, then I feel a little bit stressed.

“If I don’t make that list, then I feel a little bit stressed.” 

I journal, too. I like to combine both in one notebook as it’s a release for me. When I write, I can’t lie to myself. I have to be honest. It’s helped me a lot with my business because sometimes I doubt myself. By writing it down, I stop questioning my decisions. When I look at my notebooks from 2 years ago, I now know what I want. But I need to write it down to make sure I’m on the right path.

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