meet stella simona

The Los Angeles-based jewelry designer and content creator, who believes in therapy to help accomplish the inner work.

Meet Stella Simona

How do you make your health a priority?

I come from a culture where it’s not good to be so vulnerable. Even if something is hard, you make it look effortless—but it can make you feel defeated mentally. My co-founder and I are especially focused this year more than ever on our mental health. Both of us got therapists and we’re doing some inner work, which we have unfortunately put off because we’ve been so busy. Now, it’s time for us to pause if something doesn’t feel right and work on ourselves. We could be private about it, but we’ve been pretty open and we realize how many people need that.

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What keeps you grounded?

Culturally, I’m east Indian and Ayurvedic self-care is a way for us to check in with ourselves. It’s something my mom taught me very early on, whether it’s a mask, taking a longer bath, or hot oiling our hair to remove stress and anxiety. I lost touch with all of that for many years, but right before I had my son, I got back into those routines. I found products that my skin loves, but also that feels like an escape.

“With babies in the house, it’s sometimes hard to find a quiet space,”

so I create it for myself by using noise-canceling headphones and putting on some relaxing music while I journal. Journaling has definitely improved my day-to-day and overall perspective. Normally, in the morning, I write down 3 things I’m grateful for and the 3 things I want to conquer in the day. I make it very feasible. Sometimes we oversubscribe to things that don’t help us and we end up feeling defeated because nothing’s getting taken care of.

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Who are some of the people that make you happiest and support your mental health?

More than people, I feel like dogs are always there for you. They’ll always forgive you if you mess up. They’re so optimistic. I love going for long walks with my two dogs and cuddling. It’s such a good de-stressor and also a way to stay balanced.

My sister and I are four years apart, just like my oldest and youngest son. We weren’t close growing up, but through having my kids, we’ve connected more. It’s also cute to have her involved in their relationship and do things together as two sisters and two brothers.

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