meet trace

The Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter who believes learning the tools to understand yourself, requires being a little bit terrified.

Meet Trace

How do you make your health a priority?

When the shootings happened in Atlanta this year, I had a meltdown. I couldn’t stop crying and rightfully so. I marched onto the internet and was like; I need an Asian woman therapist. And I am obsessed with her. I can’t believe I’m learning so much about myself so quickly. I’m getting a lot of clarity around seeking help. It’s a privilege I’m aware of and I’m really grateful for that.

When I’m tackling my mental health and other ways outside of exercise and diet, it’s relational. I get a more clear response of who’s who in my life. Are they life-giving or are they life draining? People are a big thing for me to maintain sanity, so protecting your relationships is really important.

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Trace Bed

How do you stay disciplined and grounded?

I have a work area in my house and as an artist, you are your own boss, but I’m not the most disciplined worker. To maintain structure and productivity while being healthy, I like to read a little bit before I dive in. The book I have here is called The Body Keeps the Score. Everyone should read it. It’s about trauma and how your body doesn’t forget things.

“I took this photo of my bed because it reminds me that rest is everything.”

It’s the only thing that works in terms of getting better. When I’m rested, I’m more creative; I like me better. There’s a book on my bed called My Utmost for His Highest. I often wake up stressed and want to grab my phone or see who texted, and I’m trying to do this thing where the first thing I pull is a book when I wake up.

Trace Music

How does music fuel your mental health?

A lot of healing has come from going into the studio and singing and creating a song. The first project that I wrote, I don’t recall what I was going through and I didn’t know what I was writing until I had fans reach out to me and told me what they struggled with. In the beginning, I wrote from a place of contemplation, a lot of seeking and searching and trying to find myself. Then I got signed and I started writing what I thought people wanted to hear. I am realizing that people can see through me no matter what and I want to believe what I’m saying.

When I’m sitting down writing a song, it’s very spiritual, it’s dramatic sometimes, but I’m trying to always be aware of my emotions and relationships. Through my songwriting and my career, I’ve learned that it takes a healthy person to be sad and I want people to know they are not alone and healing is possible.

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