meet violette

the new york city-based makeup artist, beauty consultant, and creative director who believes therapy is life-changing.

Violette fr riding a bike in New York

How do you make your health a priority?

I’m not going to lie and tell you that I workout. So when I decided to grow my team and take an office, it was important to have a space that was not in my home. The most important part was the light in the office and the commute. Between my job and my family, I don’t have a lot of time for myself. So I turned my commute into a self-care moment and I ride my bike to work. My husband and I alternate mornings with our daughter, so my favorite ritual is riding my bike around 6:30 am to the office when the city is empty and the light is different.

“I can hear the birds and look around and it’s a magic moment. It’s my moment.”

I also make therapy a priority. I have a lot of depression in my family and while I haven’t personally experienced depression myself, I’ve been through a lot of difficult things. I knew that I would need help to heal from the trauma, so I decided to see a therapist. It’s been 10 years and we still do virtual sessions. I’m so grateful for her and she’s changed my life and makes me feel seen.

Violette napkin, candle and lipstick

In what ways do you put yourself first?

When I see celebrities or influencers talking about their wellness routine and how they do yoga and meditate and eat super clean, it makes me feel like shit. I don’t have time to make avocado toast or use a roller on my face. Plus, it’s not accessible to everyone to do all those things, time-wise and money-wise. I wanted to create something for me and others that is accessible. It’s not about a product; it’s more about the intention you set. I created my chérie-me moment. It’s a time to take a moment for yourself—dressing up, brushing your teeth, applying moisturizer, taking a shower, and make it a chérie, which means darling in French. A moment to really send yourself self-love. I give a lot of time to my daughter and work a ton and there isn’t really a moment for me. So when I put my daughter down for bed, I grab a book, have a glass of wine, or take a bath. So my chérie-me moment is super mentally important.

Also, I love makeup when it’s used as a mood lifter. So for me, if I’m feeling down and I have a meeting and need to feel a bit strong, I put on some red lipstick and feel that energy.  When I want to be inspired, I put on blue eyeshadow. There is always an energy that comes with color and what you do with makeup. It’s very therapeutic.

Violette visiting Alimentari Flâneur

What rituals do you do to forge connection with friends and family?

Moments at home are really important to me. In France, it’s essential in our culture and it starts when you buy groceries. You go inside and get inspired by the colors, you head home, your friends arrive, you open a bottle of wine, put music on, and cook.

If I were to have it my way, I would buy my groceries, drink wine, read a book, and just listen to classical music.

“It grounds me.”

I buy my fruits and vegetables at this grocery called Alimentari Flâneur in Manhattan, which reminds me of being back home in France. You get to feel the textures and listen to the owner talk about where everything comes from. You make a human connection and for me, it’s very important for my mental health to socialize.

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